Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life is crazy sometimes

don't know about you but sometimes life is just crazy and seem to plot against me. :) my computer battery has completely died and I have no way to post my new videos. I know blah to life and laptop batteries dying. Jeez don't they knew they are never suppose to die. Lol. I am currently saving up to get my battery replaced at the apple store. Like I said things have been crazy.

So I am working on selling some cards and going to be having some destash videos via my iPhone soon. 

Other then the little things in life seeming to plot against me things are well. We all face hardships and we all face mountains of pain and stuggle we have to climb. So no complaints. :))) wanted to explains what happened to my design composition videos and my watercolor videos. They are sitting in my beautiful Mac book pro with a battery that decided to die after 4 years. And since they are only suppose to last 2 years I'm really not complaining. :)). Oh jeez. 

Here are a few things I've been working on... Enjoy and I will be trying to post more from my iPhone. So let's see how that will all work . :) 

A simple watercolor painting I did for a special someone. 

Also made him a dream catcher to match...:) 

And I've been having a slight obsession with painting feathers. Why? I have no idea. But oh the possibilities. It's like my current obession with painting woodland creatures especially foxes. It just makes me happy ...:)))) 

There's a lot more I've been working on but will save it for another post. I hope the pictures are good enuf quality since I'm taking them with my iPhone and editing them and posting from my iPhone. :) Awwweee Apple love. 

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day!


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Chrisd said...

Great to hear from you and I have been enjoying watercoloring again too