Monday, March 31, 2014

Watercolor fun

You may have noticed the hot Trend of watercoloring on your cards. Oh my there are tons of tutorials and videos out there. Jennifer McGuire has amazing videos. I hear there is a class upcoming with online card class.

Watercoloring has been one of my all time favorite mediums to work with. Watercolor pigments, distress inks, die inks, and other inks are a few of my favorites. Like intense pencils. I'm working on a few videos that will be focusing on this beautiful technique. I have one with negative space watercolor. It's pretty funky. :)))

Tonight I decided to clear my head a bit and slosh some color on paper. Doing a more whimsical style of watercolor and not worrying about the realism of the piece.

I love using Fabriano hot press watercolor paper and on these photos I am using Fabriano mediovalis cards. These cards were popular about 5 years ago in the stamping world. It's a luxurious Italian cotton paper. A natural decal edge and beautifully pressed. A little texture and natural vanilla color to the paper. Simply gorgous paper to work with. 

For my water color medium I am using student grade Windsor and Newton mini travel set. :) 12 basic colors that will make a gazillion other colors. lol ok so not a gazillion. :) I'm also working on a small intro to color theory videos. Just the basics that will help set you free to mix colors and apply them to all your projects. :) will give updates as those videos are ready. 

This is the very first couple bases of colors I laid down. Just a light wash of color to build upon.

Have a great day and hope your inspired to pull out whatever water soluable goodies you have in your stash and slosh some color around. Have fun and remember there is not right or wrong way to create. The most important thing to remember is not to let fear of creating hold you back. The key to anything is practice, practice, practice. :))) and play, play, play...

Many blessings,


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