Saturday, November 23, 2013


Added a few silly pics I took tonight of the boys and I that I sent to my bf. lol  Thought I'd share them here. My goofy boys. We are truly blessed.  =)

Well I have been working lots and lots and lots and lots of hours. I have some amazing videos planned and a giveaway, that I promised two weeks ago. I haven't had a moment to take pics of the items since I've been working so much. I am sorry for the delay. Plus I'm not sure how to go about the giveaway. So I'll keep it simple. =) Easy Peasy and I'll have a post for the giveaway tomorrow.

It's the holiday season and I am excited and a little sad. I have been very blessed to have the greatest, sexiest, most loving boyfriend anyone can ask for and we won't be able to spend the holiday's together. Makes me sad. Yet the boys, my mom, and I will be together. I have to work a crazy shift on thanksgiving. But we will have the holiday's together. And we will miss my grandpa too.

But this week I will be sharing a fun advent calendar as apart of my 2013 Christmas Card Series. We are putting up our Christmas tree a few days before Thanksgiving. I am excited to make the holidays full of love, quality family time, and fun even tho not all our loved ones can be together. Even tho I am sad that my love can't be joining me this holiday...It'll be ok. Excited to celebrate the holiday's.

Well I have babbled on too much... I will have a post tomorrow about the giveaway. And I will be working on the advent calendar video and more crafty card holiday goodness. Will even share pics of our transformed holiday home in a week or two.



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Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of those two cuties! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving despite not being with your love. Hugs to you!