Monday, July 25, 2011

aMuse Studio - Exciting news!

I am now an A Muse Consultant and am so excited!  Here is my A Muse website:

If you would like to host a virtual party, I'm your girl!

I will be having  weekly video tutorials featuring techniques and fun cards for your A Muse inspiration beginning within the next month.  My consultant kit is on the way and being excited is an understatement. =)


Business UPDATE:
Ruby Pixel and Impact Graphics are going well and getting underway very well. =) We will be having updated websites for both companies within the next month or so.

Family UPDATE:
We arrived home in Wisconsin last night!  Yippie!  It was awesome visiting the town I grew up in but so happy to be home. My grandpa is getting settled and now we are going to unpack the U-haul and finish getting him settled.

The rest of the family is doing well.  We are blessed beyond measure.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new adventure. So glad everything worked out and everyone is back safe and sound and your grandpa is settling in. What an adventure you have been on and starting! Hugs!

Chris R. from Iowa