Friday, January 14, 2011

365 updates

 Day 6

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 Day 10

 Day 11

 Day 12

 Day 13

Day 14

I have been doing lots of cooking and baking lately.  I am using all organic ingredients.
The banana bread that is pictured in day 10, is my own experimental recipe.  There is no fat or processed sugar.
I used applesauce instead of butter and Agave nectar instead of sugar.  It was a HUGE hit with my family and I was able to share a loaf with one of my besties and her family liked it. I made a total of three loafs and within 24 hours my boys ate two loafs. LOL!  I am glad that they loved it.  I served it warm and with a little butter.  Yummo!   I think next time I'm going to use almond extract instead of vanilla.  Because Almond enhances the flavor of fruit a lot more than vanilla. I'll be sharing the recipe for the banana bread soon.

The photo with the carrots, kale and potatoes (day 13) are french fingerlings, the potatoes that is.  The boys loved the purple in the potatoes, too fun.  The soup was uber yummy too. =)  And it freezes very well.  The soup is definitely not fat free. LOL!  Yes, you see cream. =)

Well that's all for now....I 'm loving a photo a day and editing them.  I am able to practice my photoshop skills daily and that was my main goal.  I am loving all of the Adjustments palette, levels, vibrance, hue/ saturation, so ok...all of them. PW also has free Actions and they rock!  Just in case you weren't aware.

Pioneer Woman's Flickr group has so many amazing photographers being showcased with her challenges.  This has been a HUGE inspiration to me. They are AMAZING photographers, serious eye candy peeps! I mean seriously! PW's blog is full of fabulous inspiration. Just in case you didn't know that already. Yep, that's right I am a total enabler.

You're Welcome.



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MiamiKel said...

Hi Mary! First, Happy (b'ltd) New Year to you and yours! Your blog post is so inspiring! I have been using applesauce as a substitute for awhile now (WW trick!) and my family didn't even notice, lol! Blessings!