Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm back!!

Edit: The Etsy store is updated with the hand dyed seam binding.
I have been missing in action for this past week.  We have had more computer issues.  But thank the LORD they are all fixed and we are up and running again!  I have missed my computer time....(It's pretty sad really, when you think of it. LOL!)

I am working on the Fabulous Friday video and some Doodle Pantry cards.  Can't wait to finish those up and share with you.

The card above is full of summer colors!  Gotta love all the bright colors and because of the papers used, it feels kind of retro. =)

I have a new product going up in my Etsy shop that I have been working of for a really LOOOOOONG time, like almost a year. It seems silly to be working on things that should only take a week to execute...LOL!  But life happens and things come up....that have prevented me from being able to dedicate time, money and effort to expand my Etsy store.  I am finally able to introduce one of the items that I have been working on, to you today. 

Please look for new products such as vintage sheet music, paper garlands, shabby chic mini scrapbooks that are full of fun and character...there are lots of other things coming up....but will share those when time gets closer.

Here is a picture of all the wonderful hand dyed wrinkled seam binding that I am calling: Moe's ribbon.  Each bundle has 3 yards and this is my first batch and it is in limited quantity.  For my first batch I used my favorite colors and I hope you enjoy.  Please check my Etsy Store later on today for more information.  I will tell you that it's at a great won't want to miss it.

Looking at these colors makes me so happy!  LOL! Serious eye candy.  

The colors that are available are:  Turquoise Love, New Leaf Green, Lilac Lovliness, and Sunrise Red.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back tomorrow with a video and some yummy Doodle Pantry examples.



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Shawna said...

Welcome back! We have missed you.