Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A get well prayer....

For all who are battling with sickness....Isn't this the cutest?  This is a set from Cornish Heritage Farms, Saturday Evening Post Collectoin - Common Cold.  Adorable set to use for get well cards....too fun!

Well we have started our Media fast and I'd have to say it's hard....I've gotten into the habbit of spending 30 minutes a day surfing your blogs....I know that isn't bad...but boy howdy...It was hard to not follow through with my routine this morning...LOL!   There will be great benifits of being closer to Jesus when we are all done.  We have ample opportunity to spend QUALITY time with each other and in the Word.

Saturday night we played Monopoly and this was Samuel's first time playing. He is 8 years old.  We've tried having him play before, but he wasn't into it.   Well on Saturday he kicked our tails....Samuel had almost all the properties and ended up having $10,000 plus dollars.  (He had to cound his money after he won the game so he knew how much he won by...LOL! - reminded me of Alex P. Keaton.....I just dated myself with name dropping of this character. LOL!)

I found the yummy paper on clearence at my local Archivers.  Gotta love that!  It's Cosmo Cricket's Lil' Man Collection.

I love the color combo of blue, red and kraft....You'll see it a lot these next few weeks, that I am pre-posting.

Thanks for stopping by and talk with you soon,


Sharing the Love:   Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Romans 12:15

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