Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthday Card

Good Morning!!!  I hope you are having a super splenderific kind of morning! 

My battery died this morning....UGH!  Good thing we went out early to start the car...and as you already didn't start.   Just got back from getting a brand new car battery.  We should be set now for a WI winter.  

The boys have their Christmas programs tonight and they are sooo excited!   The only hard part is one starts at 6p and the other at 7:30p at two different schools...UGH!  Why couldn't they pick two different days.   I know I am not the only parent that has a child in elementary school  and one in middle school...that is insane timing...LOL!!!

I am blessed to have my family all around us, so they'll split up between the boys...because I will be late getting to Jeremy's program since Samuel's doesn't end until 7:00-7:15p.  Jeremy understands and isn't too disappointed.  He knows that we didn't make the silly schedule. =)

Enough on the home front.  The card above is one that I made for Kay-Kay she turend 14 years old (makes me feel OLD! lol!) a few days ago...I know I shouldn't use her childish nickname...but I can't help it.   I drew the image sometime at the end of last year or beginning of this year and finally made a card.  It was perfect for her birthday.  I also used Kim Hughes stamps set from CHF for the HB sentiment.

Hope you enjoy and have a blessed day!



Chrisd said...

Great card and wonderful sketch! She will like it. Stay warm and happy pogo sticking with the guys. I've been there... Hugs from Michigan

Janet said...

Hey Mary - it's funny you're talking about a car battery, mine died on me tonight - UGH is the correct sentiment at the moment :)

I just love your images - they are all so unique and creative - I had seen several you did for Keri a while back and love them, as I do this one - it is adorable.

I hope you enjoyed the programs last night and I so understand having to attend two events at one time, but luckily, I was like you in that I was blessed having family to be a part of them as well and understanding children.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll talk to you soon.

Hugs ~~