Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Calendar

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Well here are the photo's of each envelope.  In each envie is a one sided card.  I used various images from my stamp collection.  (See below for a list of all materials.)

This is the journal we are going to use to write in everyday. This is what really makes the Advent special. I am going to do my best in explaining what we are doing.  I found the Journal in my lower drawer. (It was one I  bought last year on clearence for $1.00. I knew it would come in handy one day! LOL!)  This goes along with my theme of using supplies that I already have.

Every day we will open an envie. In each envie is a card and each card is different and has various images and sentiments. We will then Journal the idea on the card. Each family member will make a small entry in the journal daily. One word or sentence from each of us. We will then place the envie and card on the journal page with our thoughts. And at Christmas time we will have documented our journey to the Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

**NOTE: Each card will deal with some aspect of our lives from our relationship with God to our favorite foods. These are little things that we do in our everyday life and a Celebration of our family.**

I'll try to give an example of each day, to give you some ideas.

***:"Card says" - What we'd Journal about***

Day 1: "Joy" - We will make an entry in our Journal that expresses something that gives us JOY

Day 2: "You warm my heart" - A favorite memory

Day 3: "My sweetie pie" - What is your favorite pie

Day 4: "Scripture, Joshua 1:9" - A fear God has helped you overcome

Day 5: "I Love You" - List one thing you love about each family member

Day 6: "Sweetest Blessings" - List one blessing that God has given you

Day 7: "Thank You" - List one thing you are thankful for on that day

Day 8: "We give thanks for our blessings" - Another opportunity to give thanks to God

Day 9: "Memories" - List your favorite "Christmas" memory

Day 10: "You warm my heart" - List your favorite hot drink and why

Day 11: "Cold things warm wishes" - How cold is it today

Day 12: "Peace" - List your favorite scripture about "Peace"

Day 13: "Be Merry" - List your favorite Christmas song and why

Day 14: "Life's most beautiful things quote" - Share what faith is to you

Day 15: "Blessed and Loved" - What is your favorite toy

Day 16: "Home" - Your favorite memory of Home

Day 17: "Smile" - What's your favorite animal or what makes you smile

Day 18: "Our Family" - What do you love about our family and what do you dislike about our family

Day 19: "With God all things are possible" - List something God has done for you this year

Day 20: "Yummy" - What is your favorite soup

Day 21: "Psalm 37:4" - How can we delight ourselves in the LORD

Day 22: "Especially for you" - What is your favorite dessert

Day 23: "Isaiah 9:6" - Share your favorite scripture that speaks to you about Christmas

Day 24: "We give thanks" - Again we will list something we are thankful for

Day 25: "Love" - Sharing Christ's love

As you can see the that the images or words dictate what will be shared on each day and there really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to my order, and in reality there really isn't. I used various stamps from my collection to convey different random thoughts that I'd like to share over the next 25 days.

I wanted to Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with my family in a down to earth, real way....that reflects the normal everyday life of my family.

A few post below gives you a picture of the finished product. All the envies on the tree. This will be our center peice on our dinner table.

Next year I will have it more organized and I know you ladies are uber talented and I pray that you are inspired to make your advent calendar around your family. Please share with me what you are doing for your advent calendar....I'd love to learn.

I hope you are inspired.

Many Blessings!!!!!


Supplies used:
Stamps:  Gina K Designs - Vintage Borders and my stamp set, Sweetest Blessings
Cornish Heritage Farms - Various Kim Hughes sets
Paper:  Paper Trey Ink - Kraft CS
Ink: - Paper Trey Ink - Hybrid - Pure Poppy, Drk Choco, New Leaf and White Gel Pen
Accessories:  Rub-ons and mini envies, Nesties


brooklyn said...

What a beautiful idea.Right away I can think of several people who would love this! Thanks for sharing this . Hugs from Michigan

martita said...

this is such a great idea to keep family together! I love it :)

Linda B said...

Mary, What a beautiful post! I love your blog design as well. You have been busy:D

Heather Grow said...

Hi Mary. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. I hope that you stop by again.

I love your idea for a very personalized advent celebration. I love too how you creatively used different stamps from your collection.

I love your blog. You are a very talented lady. I love your card style. Thanks for all the inspiration.

L.L. Heather