Monday, October 26, 2009

Updated Etsy Shop

I have FINALLY updated my Etsy shop.  I have 3 sets of homemade felt embellishments with more to come later this week and 2 crochet birdy rattles for sale.

The crochet birdy rattles are totally unique.  They are perfect for babies.  They have sound, color and texture...everything a baby loves.  Plus they are made with a 100% cotton yarn and they are totally Eco-Friendly.

I have a fun gifty that I made for a friend and I will share with you later today.  I made another rattle, but this time it's for a baby boy. 

The two rattles that are in my Etsy shop are for girls.  I do take custom orders as well all you have to do is Convo. me through my Etsy shop.

Also if you are into crocheting...I have to share with you where I got the rattle pattern.  Mamachee is an awesome Etsy store and Tara the owner and creater of the crochet patterns is so sweet.  I purchased her birdy rattle crochet pattern and made these beautiful cute rattles.  Mamachee also has lots of other awesome crochet patterns.  (I have several of hers...) 

Thanks for stopping by today....I'll share a picture of the gifty boy rattle later today along with some cards later this week.

Don't forget that in a few days I'll be hosting my 3rd Blog Challenge...and remember this one has a little twist, and as always...I'll have some blog candy to share with the participants.




jacque4u2c said...

Great additions!!! I am sure they will not last long!!!!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

You are so creative!!!