Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feature Saturday

Ok....aren't these shoes totally adorable? When I saw these shoes....I swooned...LOL! Isn't that color dreamy? A size 8.5 is calling my name...but my pocket book is screaming "NO WAY, LADY"

You can find them HERE. Now as much as I love these shoes....I wouldn't splurge that much on a pair of shoes...evah (call me cheap! LOL)

And look at these:

More dreamy....olive (one of my fav. colors) and cream boots....Swoon!

And these:

Look at that yummy blue/turquoise with the white stitching.....I mean seriously ladies...I love these. They have red, olive, and yummy yellow too....Wowzers!

The last pair for today....

Old school meets modern flair....sooo sweet!

Hope you enjoyed the little funky eye candy today and many blessings!



martita said...

they are adorable!
shoes like that I could buy just to look at them :D
now I need to buy winter shoes but I don't like anything and if I find something then price is too scary :/

Janet said...

Hey Mary - these are adorable and I just love the first pair but my word, that is a lot for a pair of shoes. Hope all is well - talk to you soon.

Chrisd said...

Adorable but let me think...1 pair of shoes or 2 wks of groceries...Guess not!Only in my dreams