Monday, October 26, 2009

Birdy Rattle - Giftiness is the picutes of the Boy Birdy Rattle I made for my friends.  They are having a bouncing baby boy sometime in Dec.  So very happy for them.

I missed her baby shower this weekend because my boys and I were fighting some icky germy bugs that decided to crash our home....and they were totally not invited!!! (LOL!)

So what do you think?  Do you all like the rattles?  See the post below on purchasing an already made rattle by me or by purchasing the crochet pattern from Mamachee.

Thank you for your sweet comments in my previous post.  You all are are such a blessing!

I will posting some card pictures this week. 




Janet said...

Absolutely adorable - how cute is that? TOO CUTE !!! You are such a talented lady Mary. I hope you and the boys are feeling better and will continue to do so.

Have a great evening.


Claire Brennan said...

Oh for Pete's sake that is just the cutest wee thing!!!!!!!

martita said...

it's so cute! :) I tried to work with needle-crafts but I just can't ;) your work is really nice :)