Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi There!

We are super busy.....how about you? It was the first day of school for the boys. They had a great day!
We also are getting new flooring and carpet in our apartment. Whoo Hoo, Praise God for a wonderful blessing!!! New capet and florring means that our home is under construction and we are packing and moving and unpacking the rooms. They replaced the flooring in our dinning room, kitchen and bathroom and on Thursday they are doing the living room and bedrooms with carpet....it looks great already and they are half done. So we have been moving heavy furniture and clothes, fun stuff! If you've ever moved, you know the drill.
I will be in and out this week with my blogging. I do have a couple of cards to share with you. All apple themed.
The Apple Thank You card was so fun to color. This is one of my very first Lockhart stamps....gotta love them! I purchased the colader full of cherries and the chintz bowl full of apples a month or so ago. This is one of the card I made. Simple and easy.
Well I hope you have a super splenderific day!
Many Blessings,


Chrisd said...

This is gorgeous and I want to go apple picking which is a big deal here in Michigan...Yummy almost homemade applesauce season....
Good luck with the shifting and moving around.. we have moved 5 times.,.. not my favorite thing... Have a sunshine day.
Hugs from Michigan

martita said...

this stamp is so cute! <3 I have in my mind few ideas of using it :D card is great...