Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nika's Birthday Card

My cousin's daughter, Ahnika (AKA Nika), turned 5 years old last week!

A short story to go along with the card...
It started at my eldest son's birthday party in March of this year. My Cousin gave Jeremy money for his birthday and Nika was so upset, because money isn't a real present! “You can't gift wrap money, you can't play with money...money isn't a real present", Nika kept saying. We kept reassuring her that 12 year old's like receiving money and not toys. She didn't understand....it was too cute! Nika was convinced that Jeremy was jipped on his Birthday present, because he didn't have any presents to open.

Well fast forward to May of this year. Nika was asking us to buy her some super duper cupcake maker at Wal-Mart for her birthday.....well we did, but we had a little fun with her first. (I know, I know a little cruel but, lots of fun! LOL!)

I made Nika this birthday card, notice the cupcake. Then we wrote inside the card, that we were very sorry that we couldn't get her the cupcake maker. But we wanted to give her a "real" present and we put (5) - one dollar bills inside.

Oh....it was funny...you should have seen her little face. She was so sure we bought her the cupcake maker, once we convinced her that we didn't and all she was getting was money, she tried so very hard not to show us that she was disappointed....(insert an ahhhh, how sweet. She did very well at not showing her disappointment to much....it was sweet.)
Now we are not totally cruel.....we then sent her on a treasure hunt with 2-4 clues to find her "real" present. She said, "I knew Auntie bought me the cupcake maker!" She was very happy that she got a "real" present!

A little bit of family fun!
Have a great day and many blessings!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Oh you are such a mean Auntie! Just joking that was funny. I am sure she will remember that one for a very long time.

Cute card!


Sharri Seffens said...

Such a cute card! Loved your story!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Ok first off the card is adorable...the story though...SOOO CUTE! You are the BEST AUNTIE EVER!!!

Carla said...

This card is so cute! Just wait until Nika gets old enough to yank your chain back, Mary!!

martita said...

I adore cupcake motif... lovely card! :)