Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Tuesday and All is Well!

I just love this paper from K & Co., Brenda Walton - Madaline collection....it is bright and shabby. I used my newest favorite stamp set called Damask Designs from Paper Trey Ink...and the designer is the talented Dawn McVey. Love her blog too!
Joyce from Northern Ireland asked me a question via comments on my previous post and I wanted to answer her....so here we go:
Love your card and your site...like the item on 'trials' - all true. Can I ask why you have a map of Ireland on your site...I ask because I am from Northern Ireland - I am guessing you are one of many Americans who have ancestors over here? Every Blessing from God's own country....with 40 shades of green.Joyce in Northern Ireland.
My Great-grandparents on my mom's, father's side were from Ireland. (My aunt has done a partial of our family tree...) The Lord has also given me a love for the people and country of Ireland. I can't wait to travel across the pond and see the 40 shades of greem myself. The boys and I are planning a trip in a couple of years, when they are older and can appreicate the trip. Thanks for inquiring on my love for your country!
Many Blessings to you, Mary
I hope you have a super fantastic day!!!

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