Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quality, Journey, and Inspire

I made this card for my dearest and most sweetest friend, Melodie. She is a true blessing from God! We all go through hard times and it's in the mist of a storm, trial or tribulation that God reveals to us the content of our heart and allows the season to mold us in his image.

The words Quality, Journey and Inspire came to mind when praying for my dear friend!

Quality: Well made or durable. Top of the line; excellent, high class. To provide the best.

Journey: An experience or process that leaves you changed; trial of experience. From here to there.

Inspire: To cause or create new ideas. Fresh thoughts; to influence. To motivate one to action.

Sometimes we go through a God ordained quality, journey that will forever change us and inspire others to live for Him. Melodie is an inspiration! Her love for God, his Word, and prayer are infectous! A blessing.

Okay now the deets on the card: Stamps: Paradise Found -KHC by, and SU! definitions. Ink: Choco Chip. Paper: Fun Postcard paper my Making Memories. It comes all distressed and collaged. (hope that's a word. LOL!) Accessories: MM ribbon, flowers and staples.

I hope every one is having a awesome week!

Many Blessings to you!!! Mary

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Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

What a cool card and what you wrote is encouraging.

Thank you,

Your friend is so blessed to have you make her this card.