Friday, February 29, 2008

Irish Lamb

Good evening all.....I doodled up this little lamb for a dear sweet friend of mine, Melodie.
I really don't have to much to share tonight. The past few weeks have been busy and full of emotional ups and downs. God is always faithful through it all!
I am getting ready for my first Craft Sale in May. If anyone has any tips they'd like to share, I am all ears. Like I said this will be my first time selling my cards at a Craft Fair. I am excited.
Well this is a real short post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


Nancy Grant said...

What a great doodle! Yes, God is always faithful indeed.

Remember to take change to your sale.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Mary - is this card for me?? Greetings from MandyMc in Ireland!