Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jer-Bear & Sam-Sam-Sameri's Robots

I doodled two robots one for Jeremy and one for Samuel. I have found through out the past few years that the boys love when I draw them a picutre or make them a card. Which touches my heart.
The robot above is for Jeremy.

This robot is for Samuel.
I love when the boys and I get to have our "Family Artness" days. We get a couple of them a month. We sit around the dinner table and draw, paint, sculpt, etc....and then bug each other to "Looky what I did!"
I made the Robots for a small Valentines gift. I am going to give them their doodles and some art supplies instead of candy. On the back of each doodle I am going to write a few scriptures to encourage them.
Misc drawing info that you many want to know or may not want to know:
Jeremy's drawings tend to be what I call "Old school Comic Book" like the old superman comic books. Very square, showing muscles etc. He is also very creative at coming up with ideas that he hasn't seen before.
Samuel's drawings are hard to tell what style he seems to favor because he is 6 years old and everything is very 2D / cartoon like.
I am a totally 2D doodler, I prefer cartoon like characters, I like to exaggerate features etc. I wish I could draw in pencil with shadows, depth, and light. But I struggle to do that so I cheat...... That's why I like watercolors....because I can achieve the shadows, depth, and light much easier. (I am a new watercolor-er so please be kind with your thoughts...I have only water colored for not even 6 give a girl a break! LOL)
I am no super artist. Most of my doodles take me less than 10 minutes to do....once I get a feel for a doodle, I then may take more time to develop a character. But the posts I've shared today are all less the 10 minutes to doodle and even less time to slosh color on.
I want to develop the robots more and more. I want them to reflect more of Jeremy and Samuel's personalities.

My favorite way to watercolor is using re-inkers. I also us watercolor paints, I prefer tube paints over the cakes...but have both.
Well enough with the boring info on our family artness.
Thanks for enduring 2 posts today!!! LOL!


Keri Lee Sereika said...

Very cute happy robots Mary!!

Julia Stainton said...

Oh wow! I'm just loving your doodling!!! You rock!