Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree.....

This is a picture of our eclectic tree. We had to buy new lights this year. Which leads us to a funny short story.......
I told the boys they could each pick out two light sets. Well Jeremy chose all green and red lights, and Samuel chose all blue and a multi colored set. Once the tree was assembled (yes, we have a fake tree) I asked the boys how we should put the lights on. They chose to have strips of color, so the bottom of our tree is blue, then multi colored, then green and the top of our tree is red. (LOL!!!)
Then we had to decorate the tree. Again I let the boys do most of the work....the ornaments are a little lop sided (notice the huge bare area in the photo) but our tree was made with lots of love and artness!
This is an extra special Christmas Tree this year. (I normally move the ornaments and choose how the lights will go on know everything has to be just right.) When I tried to move the ornaments, Samuel my youngest noticed I had moved the ornament and then I proceeded to tell him, since he is into doing art projects, that in art we want to achieve balance (this was my excuse for moving his ornament.) Samuel then told me as he was moving his ornament back to where he had it, that he does have balance in his Artness. LOL!!! Kids are so cute. I couldn't argue with him and crush his style of artness.
So the tree is a little lopsided, our lights really don't match, and we have a huge collection of eclectic ornaments, but our Christmas Tree was put together with much artness and love!
The boys incited that I put a picture of their Christmas Tree decorating on my blog. =)
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget about Bella Friday!
I also won 3 stamp sets by Kim Hughes. (I can't wait to get the stamps, if you haven't seen her work, please head on over the Cornish Heritage Farms and look for the Kim Hughes Collection.)She was giving away Blog candy and I guess the right number, well I was one off. Kim is so generous!!! Check out her Blog, Paper Hugs, she has awesome cards for inspiration. She also posted a photo of a painting she did when she was 17. It is awesome!!!

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